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I was born in Podlasie, eastern Poland, grew up in Warsaw, graduated the medical university in Warsaw ( 1968), received PhD in cardiology ( 1974), specialized in internal diseases ( 1976) and hypertensiology (2006).

I was awarded the medal of The Regional Medical Chamber in Warsaw. As an expert of the European Society of Hypertension I am a passionate advocate of healthy lifestyle. In 2014, in recognition of my success I received the World Hypertension League Award for Notable Achievement in Dietary Salt Reduction at thePopulation Level.

After many years of the medical practice, I felt more and more that I can create larger written forms than typical instructions for my patients that they should take their tablets three times a day.

I decided to follow such famous predecessors as Arthur Conan Doyle or Mikhail Bulgakov and emigrate from the land of medicine to literature and journalism. This step resulted in more than 600 articles and 16 books written by me.

I traveled around Europe and Americas and also visited Asia, Africa and Australia. I am planning to take a trip around the world.

Being a supporter of the third time lucky principle – after many years of a love affairs with medicine and writing I decided to take up photography. The passion started out photographing my loved one and after a few years I decided to also pursue other topics such as everyday life in Poland, travel, nature and medical conferences worldwide.

In 2007 I started to publish photos as @mimax2 on www.photoblog.com. During the last 10 years I had published more than 4000 posts comprising up to 20 photos. My photos were selected 5 times for the front page of www.photoblog.com. I was nominated to Henri Cartier - Bresson Award in 2015.
Since 2012 I am the founder and editor - in - chief of Gazeta dla Lekarzy, nonprofit magazine created by doctors and their families.

Since 2016 I am Sermo community columnist (www.sermo.com ) the #1 social network for doctors.


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