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Hello, thank you for takin the time to click in here and learn more about me. I am a lover of beauty and connection. I pursue arts and creativity in all things. Photography is a passion for me and right at it's side is classical piano and art. Anything that stimulates my mind and engages my soul I willingly give my attention to.
I am attracted to light and darkness equally in photography. They need each other to make beauty.
I enjoy making meaningful connections. I struggle with superficial interactions.
An engaging book, the fragrance of a rainy day, hot coffee, a glass of wine, crackling fires, dry crunchy leaves, the rumble of thunder overhead, the eyes of a kindred soul, the rich voice of the cello, the graceful dance of piano, the magic of children... so many things I love.
If I haven't scared you away by now feel free to say hi :)


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