Aquarium in Monterey Bay

by Katie July. 12, 2008 1797 views

Monterey Bay Aquarium, there are lots of fish and stuff!


a rock fish. oooh, endangered!

hehehe, a little fish is living in the anemones!

some cool dudes

2 flat halibut!!! these are very small. google halibut and you'll see some that are like 6ft long

FLAT!!! hahahhahahahaha, i love it :) these are like flounder or halibut or sole i believe

omg! a pink one!! :)

another flat guy, looking at his reflection, and u can see some of the live around the pier pillars

rockfish again. these guys take like 50-100 years to reproduce and almost got completely wiped out by over fishing

spooky screen man who talks to you. he actually paused for a bit to watch the tv to the upper right. so weird!

looks like we have a leopard shark, a flounder and some bat rays!

the sooo adorable dunlin birdies :)

these fish were chillin in the splash zone, but i especially liked this one because it looked like it was wearing lipstick . and this photo of her, shes like gonna eat us, haha

some angle fish and dory, i mean a blue tang

some cute yellow tang chasing each other. a little damsel fish in the back there

julie with the morray eel that poke out of rocks

so… the marine biology professor, van fossen, from UC De Anza (community college) told us about a time that he was swimming in ocean, and grabbed rock to prevent getting smashed into them. and he got bit by one of these things. so what do you do? all hands are busy on rock to hold on and you have no knife or anything. so he bit it! and it worked! haha, what a funny guy :)


leafy dragons or something like that. like sea horses kinda

big kelp forest tank with shark and lots of fishes!

begin the feeding show extravaganza! he swam down to the bottom and hand fed the sharks some squid, and the sheephead fish some shrimps

lets throw some krill in for the smaller schooling fish that live near the top!

hey… its a trolley, bus…

smile, you're arriving at bubba gumps!

i like the little baby ones! yay, go go go! tim noticed the little ones are faster

tuna! just one of these things sells for tens of thousands of dollars at the fish market docks. and they're warm blooded!

oooh, lookit the bioluminescence. like little rainbow trails gliding along the delicate bodies of these jelly creatures

big huge dark jelly, dun dun dun!

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