Sophie is cuddly

by Katie July. 22, 2008 1518 views

Sophie has been more loving and cuddly lately. I think shes finally settled in! She even comes up to us, or will bring us a toy to throw for her. She also loves to watch television

shes all up on my back… she was being a scarf earlier but got bored before i could get the camera ready

oh hello, may i has food now please?

this is interesting… and cold!

up on tims shoulders, waiting for her food to be ready

took a break from kitten for several hours. went to la fondue in saratoga. i ate more than i ever have.. ever. and i dont even know how i got that shirt off at bed time, i was soooooo full ugh. but it was good :)

dun dun dun… sophie is into the tales of unidentified submarine objects!

sophie's preferred reading method is to get REALLY close and make sure she check each word carefully.

oooh yeah. just chillin in your lap

so cute! she was sleepy but poked her head out and rested on her paws to see me :)

omg epona, is that you!?

*looks up* ‘what are we looking at? why are you howling mr wolf? where is the princess!?’

i am… zelda, the twilight princess, dun dun dun

cursor is obviously very entertaining

haha, shes getting it!

laying around, leaning on a stack of small carpet squares

good morning!

i has a kitten, kitten has a warm place to sit… never you mind the orange ball I'm sitting on

haha, i walked in the bedroom and shes just sitting there in the middle of tims pants… totally weird

aww, shes laying on me

cat is stirred up by all the commotion over her cuteness!

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Camille 13 years ago

Sophie is "adorable" ...

13 years ago Edited
Laerke 13 years ago

thats such a lovely cat ! nice photos :) Its got very beautiful eyes :)

13 years ago Edited
Hasnae 13 years ago

So nice cat !!

13 years ago Edited
Lynda 13 years ago

Whata gorgeous set of cat photos just intime for Caturday!

13 years ago Edited