Sammie comes home

by Katie July. 25, 2008 1802 views

Tim got me another Siberian kitten as a 2 year anniversary gift :) . This one came all the way from Canada! He's 5 months old and is a golden mackerel. We shall call him Sammie! :) Thanks to everyone who came up with cute names and ideas for him. He's very attentive and loving, so come visit him and say hellooo to Sammie!
Jorrah Siberians has kittens available so you can get one too!
Siberians are hypoallergenic, so you have to get them purebred and they're pretty expensive, but totally worth every dollar! []

Hi Sammie! Come on out of there and walk around the car! :)

have some food and water

explore a little bit

pose for a picture with me! :)

yep… still at the airport haha


aaand, he's asleep haha

julie's all buckled in and ready to go… even though we didn't leave for like 10 min because we were playing with the kitten haha

nom nom nom

he just hung out on julie's lap all the way home :)

comes right out of the carrier without a problem and wants to play :)

and to snuggle :)

haha, look how funny he sits. like a seal!

he enjoyed the second cat in the mirror for a little while

Now he's in the main room, running all around and testing out all the toys. Joyfully, he likes all the ones Sophie never touched :)

Sophie, meet Sammie. Sammie, say hi to Sophie!

see, we can be great friends :) We have common interests after all!

sammie was fine and playful, sophie was intrigued but a little nervous

sammie comes over to say hello!

he loves walking through the box that was packed in the box for the new water feeder

yay, he likes the circle thing and uses the scratcher!

hehehehe. lookit his curly tail! :)

I duno what is so intriguing about the video games… but I keep finding kittens in the tv stand haha

aaand, he's back to sleep in his paws awww. good night sammie!

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