Sammie meets Sophie

by Katie July. 27, 2008 1442 views

cat meets cat atop a lonely couch

one begins to slip into darkness… the other's eyes gleam as it watches the descent

she comes over to inspect the progress


sammie using the new drinking fountain

in training to be a seal!

lean to the right… goood! feel that stretch all up your back, now cla…zzzzzzzzzzzz

sleeping like this :)

sammie completely passed out during a vigorous game of super smash brothers on the wii.

julie holding sammie for sleepy time

relaxing under a chair

we have sooo many carpet squares.. like 10 of them or something haha, and no place to put them. so this will do!

you left your headlights on and it killed your battery!

its like a tunnel! what could be on the other side?

sammie in a box!

my softies are all passed out on the small couch

heehee, sleeping tim is a good place to play

eating together, aww!

Sammie is sleeping in Sophie's pink kennel cab! I don't think she would be very happy about this!

Indeed, here we see her staring at him in there, looking somewhat troubled. haha, also pretty kitty sitting on a pillow

look at kitty's pretty colors

oh yes! i see them!


tug-o-war with kitty

haha. he just splays his legs out everywhere!

i has a sophie!

Sammie has a jungle gym!

tim (by the new lamp) admires the cat on the jungle

sophie (on the new gym) admires the cat on the jungle while he watches those wild birds outside

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