Kittens playing together

by Katie August. 04, 2008 1650 views

Sammie and Sophie have a great time bouncing around, catching the bird, playing in the bath tub and the sink, then watching me rearrange the furniture in my room!

two cats on my lap! but not for very long haha

sammie mid-pounce. u can barely make out the little red light… if you look at his paws as if they formed the hypotenuse (diagonal) of a right triangle, then the dot is about at the 90 degree corner of said triangle.

reminds me of photos of snow cats jumping around on mountain sides to catch their prey!

2 cats want the bird.. 1 cat will get it!

sammie loves to prance around the room with his tail held high in the air. its very cute!

sammie sits and waits patiently as sophie plans her attack on the bird.. i think we know who wants to be the dominant kitten

sammie succeeds at the catch, mid-air!

sammie is the guard, sophie is the scout.. whats that drip drip drip sound and where is it coming from!

two little kitties sitting in a tub… playing with a cotton ball… so that's what goes bump in the night!

aww, prince sammie showing up his pretty posture

'hello up there!' says sammie to the crazy girl standing on the sides of the bathtub to get a better pic

kisses! hehehe

oooh, a string!

tuckered out after a fine game of soccer

surprise! sophie is challenging our perspective by walking on the vertical trim under the cabinets

ok.. its totally adorable that she found a nice round place to sleep… but shes on my toothbrush :(

little madam laying in the window, with her legs crossed over just so

sammie passed out in all of sophie's pink stuff!

awww, he likes it :)

lil soph a loaf, with paws daintily hanging down

attacking my robe

sammie gets to sleep under the covers with me because he doesnt thrash around and bite my toes like sophie does!

laying in the window, contemplating the gray scale as it sneaks across his body

so relaxed on his pillow in teh window.. so unsuspecting of lil sophie, coming to step on his tail and cause other types of general trouble

doing his seal pose in the window

sneaking! haha.. my room is all torn up, i had to move the bed. i just can not sleep facing east-west!

HUGS! i mean… attack.. oh these kittens and their roughhousing around!

hey little pouncer cat.. you totally missed haha

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Lynda 12 years, 11 months ago

Beautiful set.

12 years, 11 months ago Edited