Blue snow

by Jean-Michel Laurenti February. 15, 2018 361 views

After the 4th Jan New England snow storm, when the wind was bringing the perceived temperature close to -32celsius, the same two guys were again at their favorite spot to capture the illusion of a warm dusk light...





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Antonio Gil 10 months ago

The love for photography makes us doing crazy things smile

10 months ago Edited
Jean-Michel Laurenti Replied to Antonio Gil 9 months, 1 week ago

Yes, you're probably right...But we both know these crazy things are a nice way to go through the normal things the rest of the time !wink

9 months, 1 week ago Edited

-32 Celsius??? Chilling temperatures - to get a "drink on the rocks" you just put out the glass for 10 seconds in front of the window! I wouldn't leave the house before May.
How on earth can you - freezing half to death -  shot such tremendous pictures?

10 months ago Edited

Well, easy, you just have to:
- know that you're in the area only for a few days.
- know that the weather conditions will be even worse the following days
- know the place enough to have some ski clothes in your luggage :-)

Thanks for stopping  by !

10 months ago Edited

thumbsup grinning

10 months ago Edited
Berckmans Peter 10 months ago

Great cityscape

10 months ago Edited
Jean-Michel Laurenti Replied to Berckmans Peter 10 months ago

Thanks Peter !

10 months ago Edited