Dark ice

by Jean-Michel Laurenti February. 15, 2018 411 views

New England winter can be a real experience...and taking pictures at night by -22celsius is certainly something to be considered seriously...Multiple clothes layers, multiple batteries, a long preparation for a few hours of silent joy...

With a friend, we were two shadows silently capturing Boston lights distorted by the frozen waves of the Charles river...

Photography is often a good opportunity to feel alive.

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Basiek Basiek 3 months ago

beautiful reflections!

3 months ago Edited
Jean-Michel Laurenti Replied to Basiek Basiek 3 months ago

Thanks for taking the time to stop here ! Yes, I agree, reflections are very special compared to water !

3 months ago Edited
Meghan Mccrorey 3 months ago

What a beautiful shot of Boston! Something to inspire to do myself living nearby.

3 months ago Edited
Jean-Michel Laurenti Replied to Meghan Mccrorey 3 months ago

Hi Meghan, thanks for your comment, for sure there are many places in Boston area that are inspiring for photographers, but it's sometimes easier to see them when you're there just for a while, and not for a long time ! 
I'll check your blog now ! wink

3 months ago Edited
Meghan Mccrorey Replied to Jean-Michel Laurenti 2 months, 4 weeks ago

Your pictures definitely inspire one to look for the different beauty and perspective found around you!

2 months, 4 weeks ago Edited

Thanks for freezing half to death to take this incredibly beautiful pictures - I appreciate them a lot!

3 months ago Edited

Thanks Sigrid, then it was worth being there if you appreciate the result! fearful

3 months ago Edited

grinning  Tea? tea

3 months ago Edited
Antonio Gil 3 months ago

Thank you so much for enduring that cold so that we can see such beauties.

3 months ago Edited
Jean-Michel Laurenti Replied to Antonio Gil 3 months ago

Hi Antonio, I'm sure you would have been happy to be there as well, looking at your work ! :-)

3 months ago Edited
Heike 3 months ago

Fantastic night photos ! They are all great.  I always admire people, who shoot at night in the cold...brrrrrrrrrrr grimacing

3 months ago Edited
Jean-Michel Laurenti Replied to Heike 3 months ago

Hi Heike, thanks for your kind words, but I was not that far for some hot beverage smile Honestly, this is very little effort compared to what must endure wildlife photographers like Vincent Munier... Thanks again !

3 months ago Edited
Heike Replied to Jean-Michel Laurenti 3 months ago

I googled Vincent Munier. His photos are stunning, unbelievable, fantastic !
I bookmarked his side. Thanks Jean-Michel, for drawing my attention to this talented wildlife-photographer!

3 months ago Edited
Jean-Michel Laurenti Replied to Heike 3 months ago

You're very welcome, I'm happy you like his work !

3 months ago Edited
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