Unexpected white

by Jean-Michel Laurenti February. 28, 2018 570 views

For many people, snow is quite common during winter. For some, it's rare enough to become the main topic of conversation when it happens, and a few centimeters of snow can even block all human activities (so that our Canadian friends can laugh about us !).

It's what happened two days ago on the French Riviera, so when driving across the forest close to my work, it was so quiet I could almost have stopped in the middle of the road...

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Heike 1 year ago

There is something surreal in this pictures. Like a fight between coldness and warmth. Amazing shots, Jean-Michel !

1 year ago Edited
Jean-Michel Laurenti Replied to Heike 1 year ago

Heike, your comment is spot on what I was feeling when taking these pictures, but I was unable to find the right words.. Thanks !

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Tom Jaussoin 1 year ago

#2 is really nice (surprising to have snow on green vegetation!).

1 year ago Edited
Jean-Michel Laurenti Replied to Tom Jaussoin 1 year ago

Agree, I stopped the car on the road side when I saw that scene... Thanks for you comment Mr Tom ! smile

1 year ago Edited

#2 - like sugar on an enchanted forest - stunning beautiful

1 year ago Edited

Yes, it sounds unreal, you're right ! Thanks !

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Joe Zink 1 year ago

Love the B&W in #1 !

1 year ago Edited
Jean-Michel Laurenti Replied to Joe Zink 1 year ago

In fact, color and b&w versions are almost identical in that particular case ! smile
Thanks for your comment !

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Antonio Gil 1 year ago

Love the post, especially #1. So beautiful

1 year ago Edited
Jean-Michel Laurenti Replied to Antonio Gil 1 year ago

I hesitated to choose that one to be the post cover.. grinning

1 year ago Edited
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