Project 365 - Done

by Michael Scott January. 01, 2009 6652 views

Well here we are, just over one year down the line and 366 photographs later; Project 365 complete. I was very tempted to write a month by month review – but thought that it would be a little self indulgent, so i’ve condensed it into a single review with a bonus image over the next day or two.

As I predicted at the start there were plenty of days when I didn’t feel like taking a picture but largely succeeded in taking more than 300 photos that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Many of which were ideas that had been around for sometime or I was inspired to take at the time but the project forced me to get around to it and be creative – a real plus.

I do have to admit to a few cheats along the line – Day 54 and Day 346 were taken on the following day, although in both cases I did think of the photo on the day. Day 82 was taken at the same time as the previous day’s picture and wasn’t really very distinct and the photo posted for Day 102 & Day 111 were taken about a week later after I discovered that the actual picture had been deleted – but I did take an almost identical picture on the real day. Overall only three real cheats (in the other cases I did take a photo, I just couldn’t present it!) and 366 days isn’t too bad.

The 365 has had many of good points – I’ve taken loads more photos than I would have done without he project and I’m thinking about photography and spotting opportunities an awful lot more. On the downside I’ve often put off taking photos because I’d already taken a photo for that day and could revisit the idea later. Without the project I should hopefully conquer this and take photos when I have the inspiration. I have also taken a photos more quickly to get them ‘done’ and missed out on really exploring a subject, the upshot of this is that I’ve got a plentiful stock of ideas to revisit!

Eagle eyed readers will have spotted a slight reorganisation of my photos in the last couple of months; I’ve organised them into timing365 [] and without365 [] to signify if I would have taken the photo at that time with or without the 365. I’ve also classified them by a number according to the idea and execution. Category 4 [] are pictures that I really like, they represent a good idea and good execution. Category 3 [] are good idea but poor execution, they are prime targets for revisiting. Category 2 [] are good execution but bad idea where at least my camera if not creative skill has come to the fore. Category 1 [] are the dregs bad idea and bad execution, the downside of the project.

I’ve got a few ideas for future challenges, although they are some way short of another 365. I want to revisit many of the ideas in more detail, although it will be strange when I don’t pick up my camera for a week or two.

One thing I certainly want to do is more photoshop work – not really creating unreal images but designing things and really using photoshop to my advantage. My aim is to produce as much as possible but of a good quality; I produce 6 images I’ll be at my lower limit, 12+ is good and 24+ is excellent. My other aim is to really explore subjects a little bit more and put better quality time into taking photographs, i’ve not got a real way to judge this, but we’ll see…

My main photo posting will remain on Flickr [] but I really appreciate the community here, so i’ll be sticking around and will have a go at blogging each day I pick up my camera.

I’ll also be around to repay some of your kind comments, thank you for reading… now, where’s my camera?

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Mel 11 years, 11 months ago

Well done on getting through the year .... with so few 'cheats'. ;-) That is really a remarkable achievement.

11 years, 11 months ago Edited