Soft & Blurry

by Meghan Mccrorey January. 08, 2018 513 views
Look at that ice cube design...

Look at that ice cube design...

I was reaching in to the freezer for some ice for my drink and I saw this ice cube. The design within it immediately caught my eye and I knew I had to try to photograph it. So after dinner I grabbed my camera and a black background but I could not get the focus on it. I have a macro zoom lens but it just doesn't seem to be focusing and I am not really sure why. It is not a great lens but that is a problem for another day. I edited this shot a little bit - though I don't really have photo editing software just a few minor options available on my computer. How do I get those sharp in focus images that I see people have? It is so elusive!

I know I am improving some though as I take far less photos then I ever did before to get ones I like, which is a positive, but I sometimes get so frustrated that I can't get the shot I want. There is definitely a lot of luck currently in my photography. The lighting in this situation was not ideal and I am trying to find the right combination of settings too. Work to be done I guess.

I put the ice cube back to try again tomorrow. For now it is time to put the kiddos to bed. On a side note here is a picture I took the other day that I absolutely love.

I am Captain Hook!

I am Captain Hook!

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