Week 9: Still Life

by Meghan Mccrorey March. 04, 2018 331 views

I never realized how hard it was to stage a photo. The challenge this week was still life and it was indeed a challenge. First I had to come up with an idea. So I looked for some inspiration in my daily life, ultimately getting it in a picture a teacher I follow on intagram had posted and the ones you see all the time of sharpened colored pencils.

My daughter and I color all the time. We have lots of different coloring books and so I decided I would color some of a page and use that with some pencils in a glass ball jar. At this point I am wondering if this is already too much preparation for a picture but no I kept going. I found what I thought was a great spot in my house and used some brown paper wrapping paper as a backdrop.

I got out my tripod, decided on my settings and off I went. The first few pictures I took were disappointing. I just did not see my vision in them. I knew I could crop later and things like that but they just were disappointing. So I kept playing. It was a pretty grey day so I adjusted my white balance. I also ditched the tripod because I realized I am inept in using it for this situation. Finally, I felt like I had some decent shots and off I went to download them and see.

I have yet to venture into the world of editing with the exception of cropping and sometimes adjusting the brightness so all the pictures I was choosing from were all just cropped. I picked my top three choices all pictured above with the last picture ultimately being the one I chose. I really liked how the photo was blurred, which was a part of my original vision, and I like that you can see some of the coloring and the colored pencils in focus. I definitely want to do some more staged, still shots in the future and I now have an appreciation for food photographers and others who are always creating beauty from inanimate objects.

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