by Meghan Mccrorey July. 03, 2018 170 views

I love summer. Being a teacher I enjoy the less scheduled time to focus on projects and things I don't get to focus on throughout a busy school year. I of course enjoy the time off with my kiddos too. No teacher ever said they wished they didn't have summer break, but in all honesty it is a chance for me to do things that I enjoy that I don't always get to like photography, reading books from my long list, and getting to enjoy more time with my children. I have a bucket list of things I hope to do that is a combination of school work and personal.

This week we have enjoyed vacationing together at my parents. I love seeing my kiddos spend time with their cousins that they only see usually once a year and sometimes maybe twice. They are all around the same age and it is really great to see them enjoy each other.

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