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by Paul G September. 30, 2017 598 views
Las Vegas Renaissance Faire

Las Vegas Renaissance Faire

No sooner do I say that most of my posts will be auto-related... and I have a post about something entirely different.

One thing that I want to get to do more often is people pictures. I'm not talking about some person in a studio, but people on the street. I've done a very little amount of it to this point. My biggest problem is getting the courage to ask if I can take their picture. I know... just do it. And I have a couple of times. But it's still difficult for me. An easier way is to go to events that are golden opportunities for it - and where the people attending are expecting it. There are two events in particular in Las Vegas that are good for that. One occurs in the spring - the Pirate Fest. The other is coming up in a couple weeks. It's the Las Vegas Renaissance Faire. I'm sure that Ren Faires are not everyone's cup of tea. But I actually find them kind of enjoyable. People are friendly and they are doing what they want to do. I've been to two so far in Vegas. I'm looking forward to the next one so that I can again try for some people pictures.

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