Totally non-photo-related post... Las Vegas, terrorism, guns...

by Paul G October. 02, 2017 491 views

So this is as close as one of these events have gotten to me - just about 3 miles away as the crow flies. I go down to the strip every once in a while with my camera. Thankfully, last night was not one of them. Where I live it's pretty quiet. I went out today to run some errands and it doesn't seem like much has changed in the way people are going about their days. But I have no doubt it's on everyone's minds.

Now for me to get a little political... no, I'm not going to go on about Trump or Hillary. But guns... what do we do? I'm not a gun owner and while I'd never say "never," I do not have any plans on ever owning one. Just don't see the reason to. I'm not afraid when I'm in my house. I'm not afraid when I'm out and about. And I'd still gladly travel internationally (though we know gun violence is more likely in the US than other countries).

With all that said, I do not believe guns should be totally outlawed. Our 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to have them. And I'm fine with that. Up to a point. I accept the argument that guns are fun to shoot. I've done it once. At a gun range. But I do NOT see the reason to own guns that can easily be converted to fully-automatic (which is likely what this guy did). I do not see the reason to own high-capacity magazines. You can actually buy a 50-round magazine. Why? If your argument is "to protect myself" and you need that 50-round magazine, it tells me one of two things... either you are fighting off a dozen ninjas or (more likely) you are a terrible shot and you need to go back to the range and practice.

Right now, the typical views are being voiced on social media. The one that angers me more than anything... "it's too soon to talk about gun laws/control."

So... When is or was the right time? The 16 months between Orlando and Las Vegas? The 6 months between San Bernardino and Orlando? The 3 DAYS between Colorado Springs and San Bernardino? The 60 days between Roseburg, Oregon and Colorado Springs? The 2.5 months between Chattanooga and Roseburg? The 1 month between Charleston and Chattanooga? etc. etc.

This "it's too soon" is bullshit. This discussion should have happened YEARS ago.

One last thing... FUCK YOU, NRA!

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