Las Vegas... 6 days later

by Paul G October. 07, 2017 974 views

It's been a bit surreal living in Las Vegas these last 6 days. Watching the news and bits of information coming out. But also watching and hearing outsiders make their statements and whatnot. I was lucky enough to not know anyone directly affected. But we all WERE affected. I don't even know how I'm supposed to react. This is actually the third time I've lived in an area where a large amount of violence occurred (and luckily, not known people directly affected). I lived in Northern Virginia when the two snipers were randomly killing people. I lived in Northern Virginia during 9/11. And now I'm in Vegas for... 10/1/2017. Maybe I'm just getting used to this (how incredibly sad is that?). The snipers... I knew people who were terrified. They had a hard time going to gas stations, where several of the shootings occurred. But somehow, I didn't feel unsafe. 9/11 was different. In so many ways. I'm not a gun advocate. I don't care if someone owns a gun, but I have no intention of ever owning one.

But after 9/11... I seriously considered it. I was at Ground Zero in NYC on the one-year anniversary. I had to fly that day. I've never been on a plane that was so quiet. For the entire flight. It took a while to get back to normalcy, even without being directly affected. Not knowing anyone who died (no first or second degrees of separation).

Today I drove by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. I didn't stop. It was way too crowded. But even seeing all the people there walking among the crosses that have been put up... I don't know how anyone can't get emotional with that. It was the second time in the day I felt a tear well up. The first was actually a car show. Within three days, one of the local car dealers put together a benefit car show. I got there when it was scheduled to start. There were already a hundred or so cars there. And they kept coming. I've never seen a show as big as this one. Everything from an old Packard and Auburn to brand new tuners. The last I heard the count was 800 cars. EIGHT HUNDRED. It was truly an amazing sight.

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