January 1, 2017 - Self Portrait

by Brandon Drivon January. 01, 2017 1119 views
This is my first self-portrait (excluding selfies of course).

Nikon D750; 1/125sec at f/2.8, ISO 3200 50mm

As has been the nearly 34 years that have preceded this moment, I expect to grow and change a great deal throughout 2017. With that, it seems only appropriate to begin this project with a self portrait that I can look back and reflect on at the end of the year. As I've noticed when shooting portraits of others, I too took a while to warm up to being in front of the camera - even though I was the photographer. Shooting and sharing my own portrait does leave me feeling slightly vulnerable but ultimately, this is more for me than for anyone else. I intentionally left the image nearly straight-out-of-the-camera meaning very minimal editing. I was lying on my back with my camera upside down in my hand. I triggered the shutter with my wi-fi connected cell phone.

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Lisa Britton 3 years, 11 months ago

Sorry for the late join - but I look forward to sharing your photo journey. Have a fabulous year!

3 years, 11 months ago Edited
Kimberly Mccreedy 4 years ago

To growth and positive change! 🏞

4 years ago Edited
Caroliiiiina 4 years ago

Good for you! Be as real as you are in front of your lens. It may only convey a part of the story for your viewers, but it's a completely different story to yourself. Only YOU can experience the special encounters in your life but it allows you to channel those daily circumstances into an art form--and THAT is what makes every day a kind of its own and a gem to be stored in the memory banks of eternity. Good luck this year comrade! And may good things come!

4 years ago Edited
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