March 8, 2017 - Film Photography

by Brandon Drivon March. 09, 2017 4494 views
A photo of my sister's old Canon Rebel 35mm film SLR Camera.

Nikon D750; 1/60sec at f/4.0, ISO 10000 66mm(24-120)

I'm all about experiences. That's why I'm excited this evening because of two reasons.. 1) I discovered Focal Point Photography in Dallas, OR (a camera shop) and 2) I totally bought color and black & white film to use in my sister's old 35mm Canon Rebel 2000 SLR Camera! I have memories of loading a film camera and using one a little but I couldn't tell you what I photographed, when, the camera, how I did it...none of that, so to experience using film this time will be all new to me. I'd definitely never become a "film guy" because I think that's equivalent to becoming a "slide rule" guy. Why use old technology that doesn't make my life any easier, costs more, is difficult to get it right the first time, and frankly seems a little frustrating? I'll stick to my DSLR. That being said, I'm excited to run through some rolls of film. I'll slow down, compose my shots (I only get 24 per roll after all), and it'll probably take me several weeks to get through a roll. My plan is to throw the 35mm and film in my DSLR camera bag and when I find great compositions, then I'll break it out and push one or two frames through it. I can't wait!

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