3-Days Colca-Canyon Track

by Millena And Jan Millena And Jan March. 12, 2017 1270 views

Next day we were picked up at 3 am in the morning and drove for about 3 h to our first stop at the village of Chivay. On the way we crossed already a altitutde of 4200m. In Chivay we had breakfast with our group and drove to the starting point of the Colca Canyon track. In between we stopped at the Cruz del Condor (Condor's Cross), where you can watch the big condor birds and have a great view of the Colca Canyon. Then we started to hike down 1200 m into the canyon. Our first stopp was a very simple but nice accomodation, where we had lunch and dinner. We really clicked with group and had a fun night, especially with our guide, who had a thing for slovenian Schnaps.

The next day we we woke up at 7 am had a great pancake breakfast and continued our hike across the valley, which took us like 4 h. We came across a village, where you could tell that tourism is on the rise. Normally during high season there is about 500 tourists per day walking through the Colca Canyon. So, we were lucky that we have been out of the season with just a few people.

We came to small village where we got a pool, nice palm trees at 2000 m. First thing we did after arriving was jump into the pool, picking mangos from the tree and relaxing a little bit. Afterwards it started to rain heavily so we just hung out with the group a little bit, had lunch and dinner and at 9 we called it a night, because we had to get up the next day at 4:30.

We started our hike back up. And this was the hardest part, some people even used the mules. But the Italian, Slovenian and German connection made it to the top as one of the first.

All exhausted we went for breakfast and our guides explained us the difference between alpacas and lamas. We also had a Colca Canyon Sour, which is the typical drink for this area, using a sour cactus fruit instead of lime.

Then we went to the hot springs, which just felt amazing to our sore muscles.

In total we had a really good time on our 3-days colca track. Especially our group and guide was really great and fun!

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Ram Ya 2 years, 6 months ago

Beautiful photo story and breathtaking views
Thanks for sharing with us.

2 years, 6 months ago Edited
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