June 14

by Molly June. 14, 2008 1048 views

June 14. Finally race day, and today we were ready for it! We have been training hard! Ed had to work in the morning, and then he came home and took a nap while I worked some more on my sister's slideshow…

He got up and ready, and before you know it…it was like TIME TO GO, now! So, we ran out to the car and headed to the late registration place…or so we thought. We walked up to the door and it was closed! So, we had about 5 minutes to figure out where to register before it was too late! Why do we always do this! LOL

So, we went to the High School because that is where the start line was, and then found the registration area. We got registered, got our stuff, ran back out to the car, changed our clothes, got ready…Ed dropped the camera, and it's a mess right now, we had to run the camcorder, camera, and Kuriel's stuff over to Ed's parents across the road…then get back in time for the start! PHEW. We barely had any time to stretch out.

Before you know it, we were off! We don't have our official times yet, but Ed wanted to beat 14 minutes, and I wanted to beat 21 minutes. He finished like a second over 14 minutes, and I came in around 20:13….so we did pretty good considering how bad we did in our race earlier in the week….plus this one was only 2 miles!

After the race, we hung around until it was time for the kids race, we entered Kuriel and Jorja into the race and they both won medals, it was so cute. We watched some of Kayla's softball game, grabbed some dogs from the concession stand, and relaxed for the fireworks….it ended up being a really fun day, considering we weren't even sure if we were going to get to run because we were so late getting there!

We got lots of free cheese too! “Cheesetown Challenge” was the name of the race. We went back to Ed's sister April's house afterwards and watched old video's and New Kids tapes, and finally left around 2 in the morning….

Phew…we made it to the start! A really bad pic, but Ed is tall, and in orange to the right….I am by him somewhere.

After the race…

Ed and his Uncle…as you can tell, Tallness doesn't run in the family! I don't know where he came from! haha.

Post-race goodies! They also had, apples, grapes, water, popsicles, ice cream, nuts and some other sports drinks!

Us after the race…I am about ready to die!

Jorja in the pink…running fast!

Ed brings Kuriel to the finish line!

Ed, Kuriel….and Ronald McDonald! haha!

Kuriel shows off her medal!

Jorja gives two thumbs up on her race!

Free cheese!


Me and Geena at Kayla's softball game. What a ham!

2 more miles logged today on these shoes…


They both wanted to sit on my lap for the fireworks…they are so funny!

The cheese we got in our registration bags! haha…it's from the factory right across the road from Ed's parent's house.

Us in our race t-shirts :)

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Cassie 8 years, 11 months ago

#13 is really cute :) How tall is Ed? He looks kinda tall in #3

8 years, 11 months ago Edited
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