June 16

by Molly June. 16, 2008 1429 views

June 16. Well, I woke up to still NO power! Ed couldn't even shave this morning! Yikes…haha…

So, what in the world do you do? Stuck at home, no car, no electricity, rainy, cold, yucky outside??? I was bored out of my mind. Everytime I thought something like “Well, I guess I could start some laundry”…then I remembered “We have no electricity!”

Pretty much the only thing I could do was play solitare on my ipod and listen to music! The power eventually came on around 3 in the afternoon, so then I was able to get caught up on everything. Ed worked until later, then we bummed around a while..I worked on the slideshow some more, and then we went for a 2.75 mile run around 8 tonight. The weather was great for it! A little chill in the air! Afterwards, we headed down to subway to get dinner…then came home.

About an hour after being home, the cable and internet went out because of some outage in the area! Gheesh, we can't win…so we went to bed! We both have to be up early in the morning :)

Rain, rain go away!

drizzle…all day long!

Good thing this guy had an umbrella~

Still no power…no tv….no nothing!!!

This was my form of entertainment for the longest time :)


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Cassie 8 years, 11 months ago

god, I would die without tv and internet. And that's funny about laundry because I've thought while the power is out "oh I'll just go watch tv upstairs then- oh wait duh" haha :D

8 years, 11 months ago Edited
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