June 22

by Molly June. 22, 2008 967 views

June 22. My sister's Graduation party day! My little sister is all grown up! We left our house…and headed for Merrill on my little donut tire! We must of looked hilarious, but today is Sunday of course and no tire shops were open today. We still don't have a present for her, but we are going down on Tuesday to get it for sure, then meeting up with her for dinner. Trust me, it's worth the wait!

We got to my Grandma's house around 1..and helped set up, previewed my slideshow, had lots to eat, visited with family, and hung out. We were there pretty late. It was a fun party, I just think that Ed ate way too much. He was so done for at the end of the night! LOL!

This was Kelly's attempt to rip on me because of my side ponytail!

Miranda's things…

Me and my brothers and sisters!

Us all with Mom…

Me and Ed and Marcus and his girlfriend Lissette with Meagan, Mason, and Miranda

Awh, Me…Miranda…and Marcus

Little sister Meagan

We like to call ourselves the “Original 4” We are the first four Grandkids…

Marcus is spraying the kids in the pool with cold water…and old favorite trick of our Uncles!

The girls in the pool!

Party time in the pool!

Cousin time on the swing!

Sisters! Michelle and Kayla (my cousins…Kelly's sisters)

Marcus was going to throw Miranda in the pool, then he thought twice about it! LOL

Funny story. Austyn (In the blue) was going to get me and Kelly some of my Jello cake. She got two pieces on one plate. Kelly went to take a bite of hers and my piece started to fall…so, I somehow caught it with my hand. So I just used “The plate that God gave me” to eat my cake with! We were all laughing so hard that we were crying…which happens often when we are all around each other!

Who needs a plate and silverwear! LOL

Oh, then my sister thought it would be fun to smear me with cool whip and meatball sauce on my face…In her defense, I tried to get her first!

This picture creeped me out! What is all that flying around Kelly?

This is what Miranda got in one of her cards! A scratched off lotto ticket! LOL

The best part about family parties…(well, besides seeing family)…LEFTOVERS!!! Yummy!

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Cassie 8 years, 11 months ago

That scratched off lottery ticket made me laugh out loud!! That is too cool... bwahah

8 years, 11 months ago Edited
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