June 24

by Molly June. 24, 2008 1026 views

June 24. Well, we made it down to get Miranda's gift today. We took a trip to Troy…which cost us 40 dollars in gas! RIDICULOUS! Anyway, I can't give out the info of what we got her yet because we haven't given it to her, but she will love it. I'm pretty jealous of it! And I want one too!

Anyway, we ate at Chili's on the way back…one of our favorite places, then ran into Great Lakes Crossing real quick to try on some new running shoes….grab a smoothie and head back for home. We tried to eat at P.F. Changs, but it was an hour wait! Yikes!

We finally got to spend some time together, this past few weeks has been so crazy for us. We both ran a few miles today and have re-dedicated ourselves to running again! My shins are finally back to normal! (For now :)

When we give Miranda her present, then I will post the pics of what we got her!

haha…this picture makes me laugh because he is making the face he makes when he is trying to decide what to get! LOL

Yum…one of our favorites! Chips and salsa!

okay, this is not us….but the people that were here before us…100 DOLLARS??? for a measly 24 gallons of gas! GHEESH!

HAHA…this is us. Gas was like 4.15….we weren't paying that much, but needed gas because we were on “check gages” again…so we just got 10 dollars in gas for now…barely made it home and had to get gas again!!! 2 little gallons of gas! Nice!

We were at “E” and this is what 10 dollars gets in a cavalier…I used to be able to get a half a tank!

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Cassie 8 years, 11 months ago

I wish gas was 4.15... it's about 4.65ish out here :(

8 years, 11 months ago Edited
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