June 25

by Molly June. 25, 2008 923 views

June 25. BORING day :) Ed worked literally all day…it's 10:49 at night as I'm typing this and he still isn't home yet! He had to go somewhere way at the top of the mitten today to move someone, and just found out that a lady he's moved before requested him to move her to California…can you imagine the car ride from Michigan to California? YIKES!!! Well, his bosses like me and told Ed that he could bring me along too! LOL…

It would be free hotels and food all the way down there, plus his bosses said that he could stop in Vegas and spend the night if he wanted too…this lady is going to bring their company in some serious money, so I'm willing to bet they will give Ed whatever he wants to move this lady. It woudln't be until the end of October, so that would be some great Christmas money for sure! I'm excited about the road trip…I don't think he is…but I just worry about missing school??? Hmmm…Well, I guess we have time to think about it and work out all the kinks….long drive though!

Well, not an exciting days, so not so exciting pictures! I did a lot of laundry and dishes and boring stuff….and ran 3.1 miles…that's about it!

We finally gave Miranda her scrapbook, so here are some of the pages from it…I did this one :)

I told you, I had too much fun cutting out heads this day! This is all of the Grandkids on this page…

Halloween page…

Another page by me!

Another page by me…haha, childhood memories :)

And my favorite page I did….the space on the bottom is for her graduation picture

This is the front page where we all wrote what “Cousin Love” means to us!

Running….and Pizza??? haha…but doesn't it look so good…plus it is pretty much the only thing we had in the house to eat…and since I was here alone all day…it was go time for me and the pizza!

Add another 3 miles to my ipod…not my best time, but I just went for a jog around the intersection…I'm almost to 100 miles!

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Cassie 8 years, 11 months ago

Cool scrapbooking!! I definitely don't have the patience for that!!

8 years, 11 months ago Edited
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