Copper and iron

by Moira September. 26, 2010 406 views

You would put coals from the fire in the irons , and the smaller one was a “toy” for the children .
We shouldn't complain about our ironing now I suppose when you see the trouble they had to do it before .
But probably they didn't do much ironing in those days anyway maybe just their Sunday best!!!
BTW I should be ironing UGGGGG!!!!

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Joe 10 years ago

Really good, Moira. Like the color and detail in the first picture.

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Riyaz 10 years ago

excellent shots. The Iron reminds e of my young days back in africa!

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Sara G 10 years ago

Fabulous items..I've never seen this type of iron. I have one old iron of mom's that was heated on a stove..those women must have had firm muscles to push those heavy irons around and lift the heavy pots!

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Giancarlo Fosci 10 years ago

nice history jump

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Rodica O 10 years ago

It's so strange, they look like from the prehistoric era but I just remembered that my mom used one like these not long time ago...or was it that long ??! :(
Quite a difference compared to the modern irons...!
I think they were ironing a lot in the past, ...everything they could...lots of small pieces like handkerchiefs, ribbons and undergarments and bulky huge ones like drapes, bedsheets and table clothes...Crazy! I think life shouldn't be wasted with ironing...I always buy stuff that doesn't need ironing. Simplify, simplify, simplify...that's my motto for living. It means: more time to enjoy.

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Paolo Martini 10 years ago

Love these pictures...Thank you !

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Jeff Cornish 10 years ago

Great post! That iron is something else! :)

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Becky Brannon 10 years ago

Love the antiques! I have an old iron that used to be my grandparents but not the same kind, really enojoyed seeing yours!

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Ricardo 10 years ago

such ironic life!lol :D
I like the iron 4#, i guess my grandma has still one similar to this one!

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Brenda Nelson 10 years ago

Wonderful exposures and great detail in the copper pieces. I have an old iron that would be put on top of a wood-burning stove to heat it! It weighs a ton!

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Agnes Felber 10 years ago

(I hate ironing, too!)

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Jothindra Paranji 10 years ago

May be surprised to know that these coal iron boxes are still popular in my country...we love the stiff creases made by these heavy hot irons!

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Ole Kristian Valle 10 years ago

I have some shirts that need ironing too ;)
Very nice set.

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Helen Hooker 10 years ago

You've found some great textures here.

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Liz M 10 years ago

love the irons...I've only seen the ones that used to be put directly into the fire to heat..made me think about going to that antiques fair I used to go to in Stirling again.

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Lynda 10 years ago

Where were these taken and is that copper a serving or cooking pan?

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Huiching 10 years ago

Haha... Hope you finish your ironing now!

Verynice and neat set! I love the patterns in the first shot so much.

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Stefan Fletcher 10 years ago

I play opera very loud (not the Slaves' Chorus from Nabucco, however fitting) and have to take care not to get caught up in it or my clothes get burnt.

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