Vintage Sewing Notions

by Monise Ouellette March. 21, 2017 350 views

A few years back, I went out for a drive in my husband's truck. I didn't really have a destination in mind. I stopped at an estate sale and saw an exquisite antique Singer treadle sewing machine, complete with cabinet. It was a steal, and it still worked! I had to get it, and, lucky for me, I was driving the truck that day so I was able to take it immediately. Once I got home, I started looking in the drawers of the cabinet and found all kinds of vintage sewing notions and supplies. I took some and put them in an old jar I had lying around, which I thought looked kind of cool. The jar now has a place front and center on the shelving unit in the hallway of my home.

Jar of vintage seeing notions

I found these in the drawers of an antique sewing machine cabinet I purchased at an estate sale.

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