Live Long and Brrrraaaaaapppp!

by Monise Ouellette March. 23, 2017 1225 views

Star Trek and Motocross? Why not! I bought these figurines for my husband several years back. In both instances, I just happened to come across them randomly in the store and immediately thought of him, so, of course, I HAD to buy them! (I've also done the same with some Star Wars Pez candy dispensers, but that's a story for another day! 😉 ) Since we enjoy watching both Star Trek and Motocross/Supercross together, I thought it fitting to have them in our home. They were in our living room for quite a while, until my husband moved them to his comic book shelf in another room, which is where this photo was taken. 

Spock action figure standing in front of a miniature Kawasaki dirtbike

It is highly illogical to dislike motocross.

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