Murray Beach

by Monise Ouellette May. 19, 2017 645 views

Things have been a little hectic lately. Right now, I'm lying in bed, which had to be moved out of my bedroom due to renovations, so I guess you could say I'm camping out in the living room 😜

After having spent the past couple of days preparing for the renovations, I needed a bit of a break. Since it was so gorgeous outside, I figured I'd go for a drive to the beach. Murray Beach isn't the closest beach to where I live, but I love It! Plus, I went a little further and stopped to get a shot of the Confederation Bridge, which is a 13km (approximately 8 miles) bridge that links my home province of New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. 

This section is a little rocky, but the opposite direction is sandy

Sand & seagrass

Fluffy feather

I heard that ladybugs are good luck

Cape Tormentine

Took this from the side of the road in Cape Tormentine: the Confederation Bridge

This is located near where the old ferry terminal used to be. They tore down the old terminal building since the last time I was here.

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