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The stunning architecture of the town hall in Wigan is something to behold and even more so when the air is crisp and the sun is shining.

The building dates back over 100 years and is built mainly of red brick and is reputed to have cost the equivalent of around one million pounds when it was constructed.

The town hall itself, is the middle of three similar buildings, with the ones either side much newer and with several extensions and refurbishments completed to them.

However, the town hall remains the most stunning of the constructions.

The actual entrance fronts on to Library Street and it accessed by steep stone steps guarded by large square pillars.

Looking up to the sky, the contrast between the red bricks and blue open space was quite stark, even more so in the cold air of the early morning.

The side entrance to the town hall provides another example of the craftwork that went into its construction.

There has been quite a lot of renovation over the years, but the original features have been retained and it remains a stunning piece of work.

As you go down Library Street you reach the site of the old Wigan Swimming Pool, which was demolished to make way for the newest of the town centre administration centres, the Wigan Life Centre.

Now this post isn't about the Life Centre, but I wanted to include this one image as it captures the reflection of the town hall in the huge glazed frontage.

Further up the hill, there is the third of the three buildings, the Life Centre that includes the library and further administrative functions of the local council.

I just love the intricate stone work above the first floors, such amazing detail.

In fact the higher up you go, the more detail there seems to be with balconies and towers reaching for the sky.

It is simply breathtaking work, the level of perfection is really inspiring.

Stood at the foot of the building, looking up that tower to the sky gives you yet another perspective of this wonderful construction.

But even at ground level the building amazes, with its curved edges and rounded windows, cleaned and refurbished for the future.

The town hall and its adjoining buildings are a real gem for Wigan and we should do all we can to protect them in the future.

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