Northern Uproar!

by Monographical Uk November. 06, 2018 115 views

The grim streets of our northern towns don't half provide some inspiration for the people that take the time to walk around them.

Whilst the towns are changing and the levels of development are always on the increase, you are never too far away from the scenes that remind everyone of the heritage of the place.

This iconic image may just jog your memory, if you were/are a fan of the band, Oasis, then this was the alleyway used on the cover of the single "D'You Know What I Mean" - the band crammed into the small space in front of the steps.

What is also quite interesting is that the very same steps were a focal point for me, when many years ago I trained and played rugby league, the steps being the place to push yourself when the rain flooded the grass pitches.

Tough place for tough men.

The town also is a great place to take a close up view of the heritage from days gone by, the cobbles and stone work of the towpath on the canal shows just what was achieved all those years ago.

As you approach the town, you will see the just how grim it can be, especially in winter time when the colours dull and the snow falls.

Attempts to brighten up the grime are always welcome, the efforts here to make the railway bridge a bit more attractive seem to have partly worked.

However when you get under the span itself and the rain drops and bird excrement start to fall on your head then you might just change your mind.

Probably the most iconic and grimmest construction in the town must be the old Civic Centre, the concrete monstrosity with the strange canopies and the radio mast.

All very odd, and I cannot ever see a time when someone thought this looked good.

I feel that a little bit of grim is part of our northern DNA, it makes us who we are.

It's getting better, but I think there will always be a small part of this in our town.

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