Summer Sunshine!

by Monographical Uk November. 09, 2018 100 views

As the rain hammers down, cascading all over the windows and the dark nights draw right in all around us, we yearn for those warm summer days where the world seems a totally different place.

We are very fortunate in this north west region of England, we get such a diverse collection of weather types, from bright summer sun, to torrential rainstorms, snow and ice. Nothing is ever too extreme and that is very comforting.

But let's get back to that sunshine.

A walk across the fields as the warm and low summer sun shone its rays out over the grass and trees.

Next up, we have a similar shot, but this time at the other end of the day, overlooking the scorched fields in the early evening, the sun starting its descent beyond the horizon.

You can sometimes get right up close the hedgerows and peer through the plants that grow there, looking out over lush green fields this time as the warmth of the sun helps the crops grow.

But for the best views of that setting sun, you have to be patient, you have to be in the right place as it sets, once it starts to go, there is only a very short time to enjoy it.

Sometimes you have to simply look up to see the wonders of the summer time, this time the sun is hiding beyond the white fluffy clouds for a few minutes.

The sheer expanse of it.

Water can create some great summer time images, being in the right place as the sun rises and catches the surface gives you some wonderful sunny flares of light.

Yes, I think that we all need to remind ourselves sometimes that the sun and the summer time are not that far away.

Enjoy the autumn, put up with the winter, then just get out there and embrace that warm summer sunshine!

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