Big Lancashire Skies

by Monographical Uk November. 12, 2018 152 views

One thing you can pretty much guarantee coming from Lancashire is that there will always be something going on in the sky above you.

It's not that often that the expanse above your head is clear, more often than not it will be full of interesting and stormy clouds! These clouds will then deposit a good deal of rain right down upon you if you give them the chance.

You have to respect the clouds and the skies around these parts.

My little tour of my part of the world starts with a view out towards the West Lancashire moors towards Chorley and Horwich - big white fluffy clouds are in the foreground, shrouded by darker more sinister ones creeping in ready to attack!

The next image was taken in the same spot at a different point in time and this time, the skyline is far more deadly. The view is in the opposite direction to the first one, this time looking towards the village of Standish and Wigan beyond that.

The same fields surround the area with their brown withered crops left over once the farmers have reaped the best of the harvest.

Another stormy scene here as the last of the summer sunshine tries it's best to battle the elements - there is only one winner here.

But we have to give summer its chance, the clouds on this next image are far from angry, they just add to the view.

This time we are looking out towards Haigh, peeping over the thorny hedgerows that protect the fields from the road and its polluting traffic.

Heading in completely the opposite direction you will end up climbing hills, and when you get to the top of Ashurst Beacon, or at least to its lower slopes around Upholland you can cast your eye out towards Rivington.

Clouds are never to far from Winter Hill, but on this shot, the summer sun won out again and the views were quite amazing.

I just love the skies around here, so much going on, quite often unforgiving, but when you catch them right, boy are they worth photographing.

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Heike 1 year, 7 months ago

These are beautiful! I'm in awe !

1 year, 7 months ago Edited
Björn Roose 1 year, 7 months ago

All of them nice cloudscapes, but I love #1 and #2 the best smile

1 year, 7 months ago Edited