The Sea

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It offers such a vast array of experiences, from the dead calm to the ferocious storms, but the sea is somewhere that I love to be near no matter what the weather.

The first image in this article captures pretty much everything I love about the coast, the harsh rocky shores, the sandy beaches, the sea itself of course and the potentially violent clouds overhead.

The image was taken on the west coast of Brittany in northern France.

The rocks play an important role in the way that we view the sea, they provide shelter in some circumstances but most of the time they provide total danger.

This next image was taken at the top of a lighthouse off the Cotentin Peninsula, a few hundred steps walking upwards in a small circle got me to this point so that I could look down at the rocks below.

What amazes me with this is that you can see just a small percentage of the rocks peeking up above the surface, the sheer expanse of rock under the waves is quite amazing.

More often than not we need protection from the sea and its violent ways.

This next image was captured in the harbour in St Malo, again in Brittany and shows the sheer size of the sea wall that is needed to protect the ferries and small craft that sail in there every day.

The blue sea gives the impression of warmth, but when that weather turns, everyone is grateful for that huge chunk of concrete!

The further south you go towards the equator and the calmer and warmer the seas get, to the point that they are really calm most of the year round.

These locations tend to be the places that the real tourist hotspots spring forth.

This image captures the view to the coast from the boat that sails from Benaldmadena over to Fuengirola along the Costa Del Sol.

Beautiful, calm seas and a hot sun make for a fantastic holiday!

Of course, the UK can offer you much more in terms of violent seas than its European counterparts can, our coastline is rarely still and rarely quiet.

The north west has its share of coast, more of it is pretty grubby to be honest, with little to attract anyone, least of all right in the middle of winter.

Blackpool has a concrete esplanade that runs its entire length - if you are brave enough then you can play "dodge the wave" along here!

Yes, the sea is a wonderful part of nature, no matter where you are experiencing it. Hot or cold, dry or raining you will always love the sea.

Just getting out into that environment lifts the soul and the spirit.

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