Winter Time

by Monographical Uk November. 19, 2018 195 views

The cold air is starting to blow across the land and the temperatures are dropping, its a sure sign that the winter is starting to get a grip on us.

One of the great things about the UK has to be the variety of weather that we experience, from the mildly cold winters, to the mildly warm summers - I say mildly when you compare them to the extremes of both weathers in other parts of the world.

Winter is a great time.

The snow can sometimes bring things to a grinding halt, when it does come down hard, it will often cover the streets and make travel difficult. Luckily here in Wigan we don't really get many days like that, but this was one.

The cars will slip-slide along and everything seems to move at slow motion speed.

The snow can create some amazing images, when it first settles and is all new and full of volume, it can be incredible. This image captures a new snowfall on some hedges which eventually gave up trying to hold the snow and it all cascaded to the floor.

Of course with the snow comes the ice and this is where it gets interesting.

It has to be really cold for the ice to form when water drips and usually you will only find this kind of thing deep underground, this image was taken in a small cave in Derbyshire during a really cold snap a few years ago.

For icicles to form in the normal surroundings, then the temperature really does have to drop and this does happen occasionally.

Long thin icicles from the guttering with a crystal clear dark blue sky overhead - an extremely cold environment that allows the water to freeze.

Nature fights hard against the cold.

The ice will cling to any object that disturbs its path and this small branch dangled into the water and was grabbed by the forming ice crystals and it was trapped until the warmer weather came.

Yes, winter is just around the corner, but what sort of winter will we have? It could be a mild one, or a really harsh and bitter one.

Let's see what happens!

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