Night Time!

by Monographical Uk December. 03, 2018 171 views

The city becomes a different animal at night time, the dark shadows, the bright glaring lights all transform familiar landmarks into something completely different to those you see during the day.

Manchester is such a city, amazing both at day and of course at night.

The first image captures Deansgate station and the Bridgewater Canal as it flows through the city - the dark evening and dark clouds in stark contrast to the bright lights of the streets below.

From the same vantage point right in front of you is the impressive Beetham Tower, its steel and glass arching up to the clouds.

Being so close to the tower foreshortens its actual height, but this is a major landmark across the whole of the Manchester skyline.

Back down to street level and walking along Deansgate itself, there are lots of buildings illuminated and the Great Northern Warehouse strikes a formidable look with its red lighting.

The newer parts of town are not to be missed either.

Spinningfields with its trendy cafes, restaurants and bars is suitably decked out with festive lighting and bright colours.

The little square in the heart of Spinningfields had Xmas lights decked out on all the trees which gave it a truly festive feel. The cold nip in the air also heightened that sensation.

Yes, Manchester at night is a great place - lots to see and of course, lots to do!

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