City sights

by Mooreeffoc April. 03, 2017 712 views

Cities can be odd. Haarlem, by international standards, is a village, but I constantly discover new places. Streets and alleys, parks and pathways; photography makes you meander through a place in the most random way (although, I guess the word "meander" already conveys the randomness). Still, it's fun to come across strange, new things in places you thought you knew.

This shop front, for example, covered in posters (to be fair, it is a poster shop). I've walked past it at least a dozen times and never noticed it.

Or this corner, which, honestly, I mistook for a pile of old rubbish all winter. However, now that the flowers have come out, I realise that it's actually a city-dwellers answer to their lack of garden. Without photography, and my consequential meandering, I would have missed these things entirely.

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