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Recently back from a trip to Italy, I hardly know where to start posting, I've got so many pictures! After my previous two holidays I selected a colour and picked the best pictures with that colour in it (my students tell me this is a thing on Instagram as well...never knew I was so fashionable). So I decided to continue that "tradition" and this time I picked yellow.

My holiday started in Rome which can be described in three words: beautiful, but crowded. I had been to Rome on a school trip before, but my boyfriend was new to the city, so we hit all the highlights, as well as many bars and restaurants. The city is filled with art and gold (many catholic churches equals much gold). Strictly speaking, gold is not yellow, but it's close enough.

Having run around Rome for three days, we had to recuperate for a couple of days, which we did on Elba. Elba, I expect, is quiet even at the height of tourist season, but at the end of April, it was deserted and, therefore, heaven! A beautiful island, with the most gorgeous white pebble beaches and the best calzones I've ever eaten.

After Elba we ferried back to the mainland and headed to Tuscany, where we visited Florence, with its Ponte Vecchio. Unfortunately, we were unable to visit the Duomo, but the drink with a view on the Duomo was pretty good too!

Of course, Tuscany is so much more than just Florence, so we went hiking to discover its lovely hills, forests and cyprus-lined paths (which were, unfortunately riddled with ticks, one of which I took home with me).

The final stop on our grand tour was Soave, which, to be honest, I chose because I like Soave wine :) It's a charming town, in the shadow of a real castle and surrounded by vinyards. From Soave, we also paid a visit to Venice.

In every Italian town, the windowsills and balconies are overflowing with flowers, herbs and plants. Venice is no exception. Perhaps it's even more common there because of the inhabitants' lack of gardens (what a maze that town is! I loved it!) It's one of the most quintessential Italian pictures: the shuttered windows with the blooming window boxes, so it's a good one to end this Italian post on. I definitely hope to go back to Italy, but first, there are a thousand other destinations on my wish list!


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