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Tall temples, mighty mosaics, solemn statues of gods and demigods, they have them all in Athens. Greek and Latin were my favourite subjects in secondary school and it all came flooding back as I strolled through the ancient ruins of the agora. With both Rome and Athens ticked off this year, I feel I've done my old teacher proud.

Athens is a good place to visit in autumn. The weather was still great, the sites weren't crowded at all and, to be honest, I could not have handled climbing the Acropolis in 35 degrees Celsius. I never thought my lessons in Ancient Greek would ever come in handy (and overall, they didn't, for I have forgotten most of the language), but being able to read the Greek alphabet was a plus!

Being situated on a hill, the mighty Acropolis looms over the city. One can only imagine what this view must have been 2500 years ago.

The view from the Acropolis itself is spectacular as well. The entire city, and its surrounding towns, seem to be sparkling white.

The only vista to beat the one from the Acropolis, is the one from Mount Lycabettous, because that one contains the Acropolis (though not very clearly on this picture. It's just off to the left, in that patch of green).

Athens is not all white marble, though. It is a colourful city, both literally and figuratively. The streets of Plaka are great for meandering (and for photography) and like in many Mediterranean countries, the Greeks value good food and good company.

In one case, this actually saved our day. Having dealt with uncooperative bus drivers and a metro strike, we came back to the city weary and, let's face it, incredibly cranky. Down in the dumps, we decided to just find a restaurant near the hotel and call the day a bust. This restaurant revived us, however. We were flooded with good wine, amazing food and surrounded by Athenians (and a few tourists like us, probably) meeting up and having a good time.

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Amazing photos !

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