by Mooreeffoc February. 25, 2018 329 views

I've always loved them and am always fascinated by them: fountains. Trevi Fountain in Rome is the uncontested favourite. Seeing that for the first time was indescribable.

However, there are many other contestants in the city:

And just outside:

Even though I enjoy more modern variants as well, the pictures are giving it away: I have a soft spot for the dramatic, baroque fountains. Rome is teeming with them, but it's not the only city with these beauties. My favourite city in the world, Vienna, has plenty as well, like the Neptunbrunnen, which also affords a great view.

Even us Dutchies can sculpt a fine fountain:

OK, fine, it's not as grand as the Trevi Fountain, but hey, tiny country = tiny fountains.

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