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On our annual school trip to Grittleton (and surroundings; Grittleton is a little hamlet of approximately 30 houses and a pub) we visit several places that "starred" as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movie series. Being a big fan, I find this tremendously exciting, although most of our students are getting to be of a generation that did not grow up with Harry Potter. They don't really get what the big whoop is about. Those sorts of things make me feel really old. Yet I feel like a kid again when I get to run through the halls of "Hogwarts":

Lacock Abbey has provided several scenes with Hogwartsy scenery, like the hallways above and the classroom below. It looks like the Potions classroom, but was actually used as Professor Quirrel's classroom ánd the cellar where the Mirror of Erised was kept.

We also visit Oxford on this trip. The dining hall at Christ Church College was the basis for the Great Hall of Hogwarts and some other corners of the College have also stood in for the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Looking forward to our next trip in June!

All I can say now is: "Mischief managed"

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