by Mooreeffoc August. 08, 2018 264 views

As I am typing this, the weather is finally letting up. Usually, that turn of phrase is used for when it stops raining, but now I mean the heat wave has ceased (for a day at least). For the last eight weeks, it has been scorching (I'm sure you know, I do believe it's been a Europe-wide thing). The grass is dying, everyone's sweaty and I am thanking my lucky star sthat it's the summer holidays and I don't have to face a classroom full of kids every day who want to "have class outside".

I've never been so relieved to see a good old Dutch, windy day with a grey sky. Go, rain, go, for we are in need of a refreshing (and for the grass: quenching) shower. I know us Dutchies are famous for complaining about our bad weather and then, when we do have some sun, for complaining about that, but come on, after this spell of hot weather, we have earned some complaining rights.

While I'm waiting for the rain, I'll just have another iced drink to cool down. Hoping you are finding ways to stay cool as well (both literally and figuratively, of course). Cheers!

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