Under the sea

by Mooreeffoc August. 13, 2018 681 views

Sea creatures are fascinating. I mean, who doesn't love Blue Planet? Unfortunately, I cannot dive, nor do I have an underwater camera, so I'll have to contend myself with pictures at the aquarium and at the museum. Sometimes, they turn out pretty nicely, though:

I blame my obsession with sea creatures on "The Little Mermaid". Having been born in 1988, I grew up with this Disney Classic and I could never understand why Ariel wanted to be human. Surely, Sebastian was right: it was much nicer under the sea!

Yes, mermaids were definitely on my "I want to grow up to be a..." list. Forget being a princess. "Aladdin"'s Jasmin had showed me how boring and oppressive that could be. I was obsessed with mermaids as a little girl. I'll never forget the mermaid teddy bear that my big sister made me (appropriately named "Mermaid Bear") that I carried around everywhere until, on a camping trip, a huge caterpillar crawled unto its head, and I was so disgusted and shocked by this creature that I never touched Mermaid Bear again.

This summer holiday, in Prague, my obsession reared its head again when I spotted this mural:

The little girl inside of me did a summersault. A mermaid WITH elf wings?! This.Is.Perfect. Although the little-girl-me would also be sniggering about the fact that she's sans shell bikini (teehee, boobies). Goes to show that that little girl never really leaves you.

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Jay Boggess 3 years, 1 month ago

Love your images & descriptions!

PS... thanks for "liking" my "Man in the Sun" image!

3 years, 1 month ago Edited
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