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by Mooreeffoc August. 23, 2018 636 views

Don't worry, I did not do one of those drugged tiger photoshoots! This puppy was in a museum (it's stuffed. Now that I think about it: is that better? I don't know. At least this stuffed tiger could have died of natural causes...). Yes, I took another trip to a Natural History Museum, this time in Prague. Unfortunately, Prague's National Museum has been closed for renovations since 2011, so we weren't able to visit the Mother Ship. However, the museum transferred a few of its exhibits to a new building so visitors would not be entirely disappointed.

Speaking of puppies, this beauty was in the museum as well. I'm quite pleased with the lighting of this picture.

We did not only get to see stuffed animals this trip. Prague Zoo was on the agenda as well (do visit when you're there! It's a beautiful zoo). More opportunities to get up close and personal with the animals:

Luckily, there was glass between me and this croc. I didn't want to get too personal here. Same goes for this tree python:

My favourite (by far) animal close-up I shot this holiday is this one, though XD

This gorgeous guy was a resident at one of our hotels. They could come right up to the window of your room. It was fantastic. Alpacas are the best.

Not as dangerous as the other specimens in this post, but the lens flare gives him a certain dramatic quality. Beware of the alpaca!

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