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My car just flipped 100,000 miles and I'm quite excited to report that this is the first car I've owned which has hit this mileage withOUT having major engine issues. It's a white hot Honda Civic. Yeah, I know how to roll…my plate says, “FabN40.” My tres fab sister (Dancing Dolphin) bought me a vanity plate for my birthday but I chose the saying.

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Marsha 9 years ago

You go girl. I love it.

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Zach Evans 9 years ago

Hahahaha, I just took a photo of my car passing 100,000 too!! It will be posted on my photoblog soon. :)

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Walter 9 years ago


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Mat 9 years ago

LOL I just read sis' comment about 40 'ish' ... cracked me up!

Congrats on 100k ... My first honda had 165k when it was totaled by some yahoo crossing 3 lanes of traffic and not looking!

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Patsy Abbey 9 years ago

I'm tickled to find someone else who gets excited when the odometer rolls over 100,000 miles. (too bad you couldn't back up and roll that .2 to a 0) Cool blog!

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Jacki 9 years ago

HELLO.... and how many years ago did I get you that plate! :-)))

"...ish"" says one tres fab sister to the other!

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