Campobello Island, Canada

by Michael Rickard August. 01, 2009 2201 views

Sorry for the lengthy times in between my posts, but since my wife and I are just returning from another trip to Maine, I thought I would get some photos up. Here are a few photos from one of my outings to the northern tip of Campobello Island to the Head Harbour Lighthouse for the sunrise. We stayed in Lubec, Maine, and by crossing a very short bridge lands you on the island governed by Canada. This is also the start of the Bay of Fundy. If you dont know about the Bay of Fundy, it is home to some very large tide differences. Here in the Lubec area the difference between the high and low tides are in the neighborhood of 20+ feet, and the difference only increases as you go further north. Anyway, I started out early on this particular day because in July the sun rises before 5 am, and I wanted to get there before the sunrise to catch the “dawn's early light”. During this trip to Maine, I got up at roughly 330 am every morning. And it was worth it. As I was photographing the early light, I heard these deep, deep bellows. Almost like a horse-type sound, but much deeper. Low and behold, they were whales. About 6 of them. Later after speaking with others, they were identified as Finback whales that average 55-80 feet in length. Apparently, they are rather common up there during this time of the year. So, I snapped away. The lighthouse in the photos is the Head Harbour Lighthouse. Later in the trip we were fortunate enough to go into the quarters and to the top of the tower. Photos will be coming…

I should add all these photos were taken on the same day, same outting. The ocean fog would roll in, and then back off, and then roll in some more. That is the reason for the variation of colors from the oranges to the dull gray, fog.

Thanks for looking.

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Pete 7 years, 9 months ago

stunning set

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