Staying at Cessy, France

by Lee Mcewen September. 20, 2007 1120 views

I'm hanging out here in Cessy, France with Ben's family who he is au pairing for. Very modest housing is all around with gorgeous gardening/landscaping– aside from the mountains standing tall in the distance. The snow-capped mountain in the distance is Mount Blanc, it is on the border of Italy, Switzerland, and France, so it is hundreds of miles away…i'll be much closer when i get to Grenoble.

A couple funny nuances around here: my first night at the house, Eddie (the father) was showing us around. I saw a fruit bowl on the table full of apples and pears. Being polite, i didn't go and test the fruit to see if it was “real” after being so used to those tacky plastic-fruit decorations. Anyhow, he told us to have some – fresh pears and apples right off the tree in their back yard. Their house has a couple of these full bowls of fruit. Another cool thing was also the walnut and pear trees near a football field down the street…all i could think was how cool it was to be able to eat these droppings rather than kicking through acorns and pine cones.

The water fountains here (not all are potable) are flowing 24/7, and the drinkable one right across the street from the house has the cleanest, most crisp water i've probably ever had. I mean, this is the source. Water bottle companies, eat yer heart out.

Tomorrow, hopefully i'll be in Geneva, Switzerland taking a paddleboat tour of the lake (forget the name).

One of the biggest damn dogs i've ever met. She's only 7 months old. That is Alexander, he is 7 and basically, Ben's dependent.

Mt. Blanc. We walked through the corn field and picked corn for dinner. None of it was good…but we didnt look to hard.

These fountain baths are the coolest.

And yet another one. Even though 1 of them is actually drinkable, i think there are about 4 more around the town.

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