Geneva Switzerland: Best City in the World...thus far

by Lee Mcewen September. 23, 2007 1379 views

If there is 1 good day a year to visit Geneva, yesterday was that day. There was a big flee market, so to speak, on the streets. They had sectioned off a large portion of downtown Geneva, closed the roads, and let people set up shop in the streets.

At first I figured that maybe this festival was a normal weekend endeavor, but after talking to a few people I found out that it happens only 1 weekend a year. I told them, in America, when we want to sell old personal belongings, we have garage sales. Basically, people from all over Switzerland arrive at around 4:30am to get a spot in the street and the party begins with the sunrise.

Aside from selling the goods, everyone was sipping on wine or drinking a beer along with a cigarette of course. Everyone smokes. In the mall people were smoking in the magazine shop right next to plenty of flammable paper. I found that pretty funny.

Geneva is an international city. People from all over the world are living and playing there, so it was pretty easy to talk to them because they know at least 2 languages. A conversation usually went like this: i introduced myself in french, we would talk for a bit in french, and they would soon talk english to me while i would speak french to them – it was pretty cool. And upon introducing myself to the proper people and talking with them for a bit, we'd begin to share drinks and stories.

I stepped into a bar and heard a latin band covering Pink Floyd's The Wall with an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bongos, large steel-side bass drum. Its funny to hear them cover American songs because they goof up the words (or turn out not to even be saying real words) and nobody notices or cares.

So, to finish off, Geneva has mountains, water, and great people from all over the world – coolest city ever.

Don't forget to click on the pictures to make them bigger and better!!

Notice the great metal work.

This is a close up of the top of that monument/sculpture.

Here's your run-of-the-mill eagle-tiger-monster. I liked these.

Some of these houses were simply incredible. I meant to crop these pictures and give better close-ups of the architecture but i dont have any photo-editing software for touch-ups right now.

the pigeons are pretty and about the size of a pee-wee football…

Pulling garbage out of the water…There was a bike, a shopping cart, a bunch of bottles as you can see, a ladder, and various other oddities.

Behind me is the biggest fountain in the world. It makes it easy to find your way to the lake because you can see it blasting above the building tops. The beer i have in my hand is a 1664. Its a french beer, and not very good. It's the main beer manufacturer in France, otherwise they import a lot of Heineken–which sucks–and Fosters–which also sucks.

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