Ronda, Spain

by Lee Mcewen November. 10, 2007 1524 views

This was a cool mountain town about 1.5 hours north of Marbella. We took a bus, and sat in the back. After bumping and swinging around curvy mountain corners, i felt nauseous but still enjoyed the milky clouds pouring over mountain tops near the road. Ronda has a bull fighting heritage…oh ya and it has a cool bridge.

This was a main street of the town, not every street was this packed with stores and people.

This is the Torture section of a small museum in Ronda. Well, not only torture, but execution as well. See that man hung up in the corner? The way that works is that they hang you up like that, and sit you down on that spike so it drives its way up yer arse!!

This thing is just insane. Someone is strapped into the seat, butt naked, so the nails can stab them in the arse!! Then those 2 bladed gears are turned by means of the handles in back of the chair….im sure you can imagine what would happen next…

Interesting mythological creature with a huge penis.

Gypsie gnomes?

This dude was in Pan's Labyrinth (film)…a Spanish movie that drew on a lot of mythology.

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Jenn 13 years, 10 months ago

#6 is incredible, must be frightening to live so near the cliff!

13 years, 10 months ago Edited