Road Trip to the West Coast

by Lee Mcewen May. 14, 2008 1378 views

These pictures were taken anywhere between Cortez, CO and Lake Tahoe, CA… What an eye-opening experience!

And the miles stretched down the long road… We moved as fast as we could, through the heat of the desert.

Somewhere in Utah at a little road-side scenic stop.

Angel's Landing at Zion. The small path you see running up the side of that mountain is only 5 feet wide and drops off for about 1000 feet on both sides.

Zion National Park has some of the best scenery I've ever experienced. I ate lunch on the ledge in the lower left corner.

Hi mom.

Post-Modern simulacrum meets garbage meets money meets distraction and we have Las Vegas.

For Dustin: this is how it looks on the desert roads, my friend.

Death Valley

Just off the side of Highway 1 on the California coast.

Lake Tahoe you make me thirsty.

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